Marotta Adamant Concerning Inzaghi Future at Inter

Giuseppe Marotta is certain Simone Inzaghi will keep helming Inter in 2023/2024. He claimed that the management didn’t truly consider a mid-season coaching change despite the insistent rumors. He dished to Rai (via Tag24).

“We never thought about replacing him even for a second this year. He managed to strengthen his position also thanks to the performances of the team. They are obviously the product of his technical leadership. As far as percentages go, he is 100 percent confirmed. He is and will be our coach in the next campaign as well.”

Our Take on Inzaghi and Inter

Obvious words from Marotta, as nobody would be crazy enough to fire a gaffer that reached two finals and will ultimately achieve the only possible objective domestically given Napoli’s dominance. On the other hand, the ball is now in the boss’ court.It remains to be seen whether he will indeed stay in the dugout.

Since his contract is up in 2024, the parties will have to discuss an extension soon. The gaffer holds all the leverage. It will come down to his salary, whether he has different offers, and if he will want to take revenge for all the public undermining he endured while they were in a tailspin.

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