Monza Newcomer Set to Face Doping-Related Suspension

Alejandro Gomez reportedly tested positive for a banned substance before the 2022 World Cup. He has been notified of a two-year suspension earlier this week. He was popped during a surprise check-up in November of that year, Relevo informs.

El Papu blamed his son’s cough syrup, which he took while sick without informing the team doctors. He has been allowed to play while the authorities investigated.

Sevilla and Gomez were aware of the looming disqualification and parted ways last summer. The attacker spent over a month as a free agent before signing a seasonal contract with Monza in late September. He has appeared twice with the Brianzoli in his Serie A return. The Biancorossi reportedly knew the risk but went ahead anyway.

The attacker could have waited until January for the completion of the due process but elected to latch onto a new team beforehand. The suspension, which has yet to be officially confirmed by the governing bodies or his current team, risks ending his career prematurely since he’s 35.

Gomez was already considering retirement before transferring to Monza, as he stated in an interview. However, he was talked into keeping playing. He will appeal to try to get the ban reduced. Even though his infraction is dated, it’s the second doping case in Serie A in the span of a few months after Paul Pogba.

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