Mourinho Renews Trust in Abraham, Praises Young Striker

Roma will seek revenge against Bodo/Glimt tomorrow. José Mourinho spoke to the press: “We have not forgotten the first game. We want to win to return on top. Everybody made mistakes in Norway, starting with me, and I do not want to single out anybody. We will look to bounce back as a team. There will not be the same formation.”

Mourinho addressed the poor form of Tammy Abraham: “It is a collective issue, not an individual one. He comes from a different culture. It is never easy at first. He started well and had a positive impact. Now he is going through a slow moment, but he is a great player. I have total confidence in him. He will soon resume scoring.”

Mourinho avoided weighing on the referees and the recent controversies: “I will not talk about them or what we have done in Serie A.”

“Nicolò Zaniolo is fine. It is not easy after two major injuries. He was a little scared after the Juventus game, which stems from his past. Only time can heal that. He is okay physically, and he has great quality. He has to finesse some tactical details, but that is normal at his age and given the time he missed. I am satisfied with him, as he is a professional and enjoys working.”

Mourinho replied to a question about Eldor Shomurodov and the attack in general: “I trust everybody, but there are some moments when players are not at their peak, especially in terms of confidence. Felix Afena-Gyan is unavailable tomorrow as he did not make the list. He has unique skills in the roster. He moves differently from others. We are a team that loves to hold the ball, while he is very aggressive without it.”