Napoli Continue to Pursue Wolverhampton Star Kilman

Napoli were rebuffed in their first attempt to acquire Max Kilman, but they haven’t given up. He’s top of the list to replace Kim Min-Jae, whose official departure will come later than anticipated but is in no doubt, Corriere dello Sport relays.

The Azzurri will invest a large portion of the €50M cheque incoming from Bayern Munich on a new center-back. Their opening bid was €35M. Wolverhampton asked for €6M more to sell the center-back.

Napoli will continue to insist for Kilman for a while longer before pivoting toward different targets. They aren’t close to purchasing Ko Itakura either. Borussia Moenchengladbach’s execs stated that they didn’t want to sell their linchpins, Bild informs (via SportMediaset).

The Englishman joined the Wanderers from Maidenhead United back in 2018. The National League team would enjoy a large windfall if the deal went through, as they are entitled to 20 percent of the fee.

Our Take on Napoli and Kilman

The process of finding a new center-back has been slow-moving, probably because Kim’s departure isn’t final yet, plus they are not new to taking their time to make key decisions. He’d be an apt purchase, but it’d be an unusually large investment for their standards, especially considering he’s not a youngster.

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  1. Kilman is signing a new long term contract, try keeping up with our local media re the express and star you might just learn something.
    Anyway why would he want to join a tin pot club in a tin pot league that is akin to facing forwards were in fact they are going backwards, something the Italian’s were famed for during WW2.
    Now jog on, once that contract is signed is price will rise considerably blowing nopoli out of the water.
    Cheap club best stick to cheap imports.

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