New Starting Shot-Stopper Explains Why He Chose Inter

Yann Sommer dished on why he pushed to join Inter in the summer even though he would have kept starting for Bayern Munich while Manuel Neuer works his way back from injury. He talked to La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Because Inter is Inter. It means tradition, strength, and excellence. I looked at the whole picture when I chose them: the gaffer, the goalkeeping coach, the playing style, the stadium, the fans, and the life in the city for my family. I realized it was the right place for me. During the negotiation, I’ve always been serene and never feared it wouldn’t go through. I don’t know what happened between the clubs, but I was certain I would go where I wanted.”

Sommer previewed the Derby with Milan.

“All crosstown clashes are special. There are a few of those in Germany and Switzerland too, but this is unique for the caliber of the two sides, the prestige, and its importance for the whole country. I’m looking forward to it. It sends shivers down my spine. It’ll be a peculiar game for sure, but it’s a single contest and arrives very early.”

Sommer commented on Marcus Thuram and Benjamin Pavard.

“The former has the potential to be a world-class player, and I hope he fulfills it. The latter joins a strong defense. I was impressed by his completeness. Not only does he guard his man and read the situation, but he can also push forward and score.”

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