Foden: “England Have an Opportunity to Re-Write History in the Euro”

Phil Foden will look to carry his momentum into the Euro. The England and Manchester City star gave an interview to the Italian newspaper Repubblica. “We have a lot of quality. We are strong, and we have already proved it. Two Premier League clubs made it to the Champions League final, and they were full of youngsters. We are level-headed and humble. We have the right mix of experienced players too, considering the likes of Harry Kane and Jordan Henderson. We can win the competition.”

He explained his mentality: “I do not feel the pressure. I am looking forward to playing in my first major tournament with England. I do not care about what people say about me, and I always try to remain grounded. I stay as far away as possible from social media to unplug.”

“I have learned a lot this year, both from the victories and defeats. The best thigh to do is to move on and focus on football alongside your teammates. We have several choices up front; Gareth Southgate will have to make some tough choices. But we will all support him, no matter what will happen.”

“He is different from Pep Guardiola, but he is a fantastic coach. He is always talking to you, giving advice, and comforting you. I made a mistake last year when I was kicked out, but I managed to win his trust back. However, not every manager would have called me up again. I esteem him even further for that.”

Foden closed by commenting on the comparisons with Paul Gascoigne and David Silva: “I admire them both, but I do not want to copy anybody. I just try to be the best version of myself. We just have to focus; we have an opportunity to re-write history.”