Retegui Dishes on Call-Up and Transfer Market Chatter

Mateo Retegui recounted how his Azzurri call-up came to be but remained cagey about what would happen in the summer in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“One day, at the beginning of the year, my father told me after practice that he received a very important piece of news, but I never would have imagined what it was. I couldn’t have believed I would play for the Italian national team even in my nicest dreams. As soon as he said that Roberto Mancini wanted me, I agreed right away without thinking twice about it. I didn’t speak with the coach before the retreat, but we didn’t it at length during it, focusing on tactics and movemnets. I have to thank him and the staff for how they welcomed me.”

Retegui addressed the rumors about his future.

“The Tigre president stated that i would likely be sold next summer. I like such idea. It’s everybody’s goal to move to Europe, where all the top players star. But there’s nothing concrete at the moment. I don’t know what’s going on, as my father handles that. I’m 100 percent focused on my team and the next matches.”

Retegui wouldn’t mind moving to the Peninsula but kept his options open about which league he prefers.

“Whatever is best for me. I’d like to transfer to Serie A, but it’s too early to tell. Surely, it’d be great to be one of the protagonist of the Italian championship and score many goals there. The same goes for the Azzurri, one of the most prestigious national teams in history. I’m looking forward to participating in the clash with Spain in June, but it’s up to Mancini to decide.”

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