Roma Complete Sudden and Major Change to Their Front Office

Roma have a new CEO, as Guido Fienga resigned Wednesday and was quickly replaced by Pietro Berardi. The previous executive assumed the pivotal position in 2019 after being with the club since 2013. He had occupied different roles under owner James Pallotta.

Fienga also left the board of directors. He will be an outside consultant to help with the managerial transition and the new stadium. He received a €1.5M severance package. Before becoming the new corporate CEO of Roma, Berardi worked in multiple companies in the automotive field, such as Fiat Chrysler, Nissan, and lastly Pirelli. He has served as the North American president of the tire manufacturer since early 2020.

Berardi will take care of the business side of Roma, with Tiago Pinto in the apical post on the sporting side. With the move, the Friedkin family completed their overhaul of the front office after taking over in 2020. According to Corriere dello Sport, Fienga saw his role progressively decrease since the change of ownership and elected to step aside. He handled the transfer market in some stretches in the recent past, especially after the abrupt ousting of former sporting director Gianluca Petrachi.

During his time as the Roma chief, Fienga helped deal with the mammoth debt of the team, paving the way for the arrival of Dan and Ryan Friedkin. He often led the opposition to the Northern powerhouses within the League on matters such as the sale of TV rights and the negotiation with the private equity funds.