Ronaldo: “Serie A Was Dead Before I Joined Juventus”

Cristiano Ronaldo revisited his transfer to Juventus and his impact on Serie A with his usual style while talking to the press following a large defeat against Celta Vigo in a friendly. He addressed his future and took a jab at Lionel Messi (via Calciomercato).

“The door to go back to Europe is close shut for me. I’m 38 and a half. I think it lost a lot of quality as a whole. The only championship that stands above the others is the Premier League. La Liga isn’t as strong as it used to be, and the same goes for the Bundesliga. I’m sure that I won’t play in Europe in the future and that the Saudi Pro League is a lot better than the MLS.”

Ronaldo touted his influence on Serie A and his other destinations.

“It was dead when I joined Juventus, and then it got re-energized. There’s more interest where Cristiano plays. The same thing happened in Arabia. I feel like a pioneer, and I’m confident more champions will come here.”

“I was criticized at first. Then, what happened? I paved the way and a lot of players are doing the same. The tournament will be very competitive. I thought it would happen in three years. However, at this pace, I’ll easily surpass the Turkish and Dutch leagues in the next few months.”

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