Sabatini Slams Mourinho and Roma Bench Antics After Loss

The Roma and Salernitana benches often bickered during Sunday’s game. The Granata director Walter Sabatini criticized the behavior of José Mourinho and the other staffers and players: “With all due respect for the Giallorossi, I have seen ignoble things from a sportsmanship standpoint today. What happens when you come to play at the Stadio Olimpico is truly unacceptable.”

The director talked to DAZN (via SportMediaset): “They all go out on the pitch on every call. They heavily influence the referees since they lack the personality to begin with. I know I can lose, but not like this. I apologize to Mourinho for even naming him, and I will never get to his level. After seeing my words, he might reply that I have never won anything. I am a nobody and not a demigod like him. However, I love my team, we are fighting to avoid relegation, and we deserve to be treated better. We should have had a penalty kick in the early going, but the official did not want to see it.”

Mourinho took the high road and did not directly respond to Sabatini after the contest: “I never hide the truth, differently from some clubs or the police. A member of our bench told the opponents that they would go back to Serie B. They were unhappy, and I apologized on his behalf. We are civilized people and what happens on the pitch stays there. I do not think anybody will be waiting outside the locker room to throw hands.”