Salernitana Rectify Trust, Officially Receive Greenlight to Play in Serie A

Salernitana will indeed be part of the 2021/2022 Serie A as the federal council ruled in their favor. Despite the promotion, their participation was in jeopardy as they were co-owned by Lazio president Claudio Lotito, which is inadmissible. They set up a trust to bide time to sell the club. The Italian Football Association had initially rejected its structure, but their lawyers solved the issues. Every member of the body voted for them but Serie B head Mauro Balata, who abstained.

Among the amendments, the trustee is now just one, retired general Ugo Marchetti. Moreover, the COVISOC, the authority that monitors the club, certified that the economic plan is “credible and coherent.” In addition, there is now a deadline to complete the sale, December 31st. Otherwise, the exclusion from Serie A would be automatic, La Gazzetta dello Sport reports. The talks with entrepreneurs interested in Salernitana have been very tentative thus far.

Benevento have notified the Federation that they are going to appeal but will have limited time to do so. As a result of the corrections, Salernitana will have to completely sever ties with Lazio. They welcomed few of their players on loan last season. Furthermore, they had to prove the team would be completely self-sufficient, which was one of the points of contention.

League president Paolo Dal Pino had anticipated the verdict: “The sensations are positive.” Salernitana return to Serie A after a 23-year-old absence. They finished second in the second division last season, while Empoli were top of the table. Venezia won the playoffs, defeating Cittadella in the final.