Sarri Wants to See Proper Reaction from Lazio Against Genoa

Lazio will open the Round 18 of Serie A hosting Genoa Friday. Maurizio Sarri sat down with the press today: “I do not need to send any message. Our problems are clear, as Europa League has been a grind for us. We have always struggled after it. We are incapable of handling short rests. But this is the difference between a strong team and a normal one. The former can win even in precarious conditions.”

Sarri will soon pen an extension: “Our goal is to build a young team that could grow over time. I do not know where such project will lead us, but we think it is the most feasible one.”

“I expect worthy performances in the next two matches. We have not shown up in some of the recent ones. We have to eliminate our flaws, and our position in the table will improve as a direct result.”

Sarri was asked about the morale of Lazio: “We have a subconscious issue related to our energy level, and that is why it is harder to solve. It has been a wasteland following Thursday’s games. Mattia Zaccagni, Pedro, and Luis Alberto should be available, as they practiced fully yesterday. They had just minor injuries.”

Sarri scoffed when asked if they could qualify for the Champions League: “I do not even know where we are in the standings. We reached it just once when Inter and Milan had a down season. We should not exaggerate. It is more complex nowadays.”

President Claudio Lotito often backed the gaffer despite the difficulties: “I think the situation was similar at Napoli, although things were moving more quickly. I was the fulcrum there too. That is why I like it here, and I would like to stay.”