Serie A PA Slams Juventus for How They Treated Bonucci

The player’s association sides with Leonardo Bonucci in the dispute with Juventus, which excluded him from their technical plans at the beginning of the summer. Their president Umberto Calcagno dished on the topic to Ansa.

“His situation is a paradox. He has been de facto frozen out. It’s an unlawful conduct that’s forbidden by the collective agreement. His dignity is being stepped on. Juventus must reintegrate him immediately. He’s enduring serious professional damages.”

“The AIC stands next to Italy’s captain. This ongoing matter is precluding him from meaningful opportunities, including a call-up by the national team. Bonucci is the tip of the iceberg of numerous situations. There are players like him that have broad shoulders and forge ahead, and others that suffer instead.”

The defender has threatened to defer the Old Lady. He’s drawing interest from Union Berlin and Lazio. He might not wait for the capital side to make its assessment for long before accepting the transfer to the Bundesliga, TuttoSport informs.

Our Take on Bonucci

Par for the course from Calcagno, who’s just doing its job. The real reason why Juventus acted so harshly has yet to come out. Something must have happened between the hierarchy and the defender before the start of their pre-season retreat.

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