Spalletti ahead of Bologna Tilt: “Rotating Can Be Medicine or Poison”

Napoli will put a bow on Round 10 against Bologna Thursday night. Luciano Spalletti previewed the game: “Lorenzo Insigne is completely fine. He has not had any problem since we resumed practicing after the last match. He had a lot of nice plays in training. He is good to go.”

“Victor Osimhen adapted well to Serie A, but he can draw even more fouls. That is his role. He always understands my messages. He is exemplary in that regard. He has some room for improvement, but there is not much time between games this season. We are working more collectively than on the single players.”

Spalletti was asked whether he would significantly rotate the squad: “It could be medicine or poison, it depends on the doses. We have to evaluate the turnaround. You can use the same players in Sunday and Thursday fixtures, but then the third one gets tougher.”

“My thinking so far has been to use all my forwards a lot, as they are the ones that make you win games. The more you hold the ball, the less the defense has to work. Fatigue is not the same for attackers and center-backs. Subs are key, and the top teams are all very equipped up front.”

Spalletti addressed the favorable portion of the schedule: “The Bologna and Salernitana matches will come quickly, and there is concern about not taxing the players too much. The press often gives me credit, but they fail to underline the merits of the management that put together a strong side. I will keep changing. I did it less in the past fixture, and maybe I made a mistake.”