The name of Onyewu will sound unfamiliar to most football fans but he went down in history as the only one who held his own in a fight with Ibrahimovic

Throwback Thursday: The Man Who Held His Own in a Fight with Ibra

With Zlatan Ibrahimovic's return to Milan, Serie A fans could delight themselves again with some typical Ibra antics and facts. Zlatan the Lion, Zlatan the Immortal, Zlatan the Invincible. Nobody can stand against Zlatan. Except, maybe, for one person - according to a story dating back to the days of Ibrahimovic's first experience in red and black...

Will Cristiano Ronaldo Finish His Career In Italy at Juventus?

The footballing phenomenon that is Cristiano Ronaldo is still going strong at Juventus at 35-years-old, and it begs the question - will he try his luck anywhere else in the world before calling it a day? A return to Portugal seems to make sense, a fleeting return to Manchester United has never been ruled out, a season at Paris Saint Germain maybe, or even an MLS adventure.

We Bring You This Winter Soap Opera: Zlatan, Where To?

The year is 1999. In the South of Sweden, Malmo FF prepare for a new season, and looking to bring more firepower to their attack they choose to give a chance to a young Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Fast forward 20 years, and the same man is still making headlines: After terminating his contract with Los Angeles Galaxy, Zlatan seems to be looking for a new challenge.