Baggio Juventus

From Baggio to Vlahovic: Ranking Fiorentina Stars Snatched by Juventus

For the vast majority of Fiorentina supporters, Juventus is public number one enemy. Every time the Tuscans find themselves a new idol, the purple crowd will ask tell him one thing: "Anywhere but Juventus". But in a strange twist of fate, Viola's biggest stars ended up signing large contracts in Turin more often than not.
On August 29, 1926, Marquis Luigi Ridolfi funded of a good piece of history of Italian Football – the Associazione Calcio Fiorentina

The History of Fiorentina from Ridolfi da Verazzano to Commisso

On August 29, 1926, Luigi Ridolfi – president of the Club Sportivo Firenze, mostly focused on cycling – used his charm to persuade his own club members and those of the Palestra Ginnastica Fiorentina Libertas to join forces. His idea was to merge the two clubs’ football sections into a new team. That was the birth of the Associazione Calcio Fiorentina.