Timetable for New Milan and Inter Stadium Delayed Despite Agreement

Milan and Inter met again with mayor Giuseppe Sala to discuss the new stadium. The process will accelerate in the next few days. However, the new arena is unlikely to be ready before the 2026 Winter Olympics. Stadio Giuseppe Mezza will host the opening ceremony on that occasion.

Sala detailed the understanding with the clubs: “The stadium will have to abide by the guidelines and the dimensions already present in the blueprints by the City. Secondly, the area near San Siro will have to be converted into a sports and entertainment district, with plenty of green areas.” 

“Besides the timing of the construction of the new stadium, the opening ceremony of the 2026 Olympics will take place in the current one as a tribute to its history. The final prerequisite indicates the volumes of the accessory urban development projects should respect the current city planning. The teams were on the same page. Therefore, I think that the Council could quickly proceed with the necessary deliberations.”

Inter CEO Alessandro Antonello, who attended the meeting alongside Milan president Paolo Scaroni, confirmed: “There is a precise roadmap to follow now. We hope it will quickly lead to the final approval of the project. It will be very difficult for the new stadium to be ready by 2026. The pandemic delayed the plan by two years. San Siro will surely be part of the Olympics that year.” There are two designs currently on the table, one by each team. It is not sure which one will move forward yet.