Zaniolo Likely Staying at Roma as Milan Give Up Chase

Milan won’t raise their offer following Bournemouth’s intrusion for Nicolò Zaniolo, but the Roma forward probably won’t move to England either. The Cherries outbid the Rossoneri with a €29M proposal, but the player is highly likely to turn down the destination, La Gazzetta dello Sport informs.

The attacker wished to transfer to the reigning Serie A champions and was ready to accept a long-term contract. He considered them the ideal landing spot. Paolo Maldini is a big fan of his talent. On the other hand, they would have done the deal only under favorable conditions. The management was denied the request to use part of their next summer’s budget. Ownership deemed the investment too risky given the injury history and inconsistent performances of the Azzurri starlet.

Milan tendered a loan with option or conditioned obligation to buy in an €18M package, which could have increased to €20/25M during the negotiation; instead, Roma were adamant in demanding at least €30M and a more certain formula.

The 23-year-old is disappointed in the outcome and is likely to stay put. The contract offered by Bournemouth isn’t that wealthy to justify moving to a minnow, albeit in Premier League. He’ll have to mend fences with the Giallorossi, though.

Our Take on Milan, Roma, and Zaniolo

The gap between the offer and the price tag always seemed too sizeable, and the two sides steadfast, for the deal to go through in just a few days. Time works in the Rossoneri’s favor, given his short-term contract, and there’s a good chance they’ll land him for a lower sum in the summer. The capital side is left holding the bag, but they don’t seem too concerned with these messy situations.

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