Atalanta Top Exec Percassi Reflects on Present and Future

Atalanta CEO Luca Percassi discussed the end of the 2021-2022 season and the team’s prospects: “We will not weaken the squad if we did not qualify for Champions League. We are not giving up on any objective. There are nine Serie A games to go and the Europa League quarter-finals are coming up.”

The executive spoke with L’Eco di Bergamo about the partial takeover: Stephen Pagliuca chose us because he likes how we handle the club, and not to change it. There will be no modifications to our strategy. The growth of the team will hinge on the increase in revenue. He brings in massive commercial potentialities.”

Percassi weighed in on Atalanta being one of the top contenders for Europa League: “The road is still long, and some important clubs are in the mix. It is always a source of pride for us to play in a European competition. I often recall our first match against Everton in Reggio Emilia.” 

The director commented on the recent addition to the front office, sidestepping a question about the likely departure of Giovanni Sartori: “The arrival of Lee Congerton expands and strengthens our current structure. It will become even more competitive. We will be ready to exploit any opportunity.”

According to Daily Mail, Pagliuca is one of the four finalists to take over Chelsea. However, he would have to significantly downsize his stake in Atalanta to comply with the UEFA regulations on multi-club ownerships. He possesses 55 percent of La Dea’s holding company.