Bernardeschi Speaks Candidly on Past and Future at Juventus

Federico Bernardeschi wishes to stay at Juventus, but it will hinge on what kind of offer the club will make. The winger weighed in on his extension in an interview: “We are in talks, and my agent will meet with the management soon. There is the desire to continue here on my part, but it takes two to tango, like in a marriage. It has become a tradition for whoever gets a new contract to pay for dinner for the whole squad. I would be happy to do it.”

Bernardeschi has had some up-and-down years at Juventus. He discussed them while talking to DAZN: “I went through difficult moments, but I do not regret anything. They helped me a lot because they allowed me to grow. My career was a constant rise beforehand, so it was physiological to have some valleys too. You have to question yourself on those occasions, assess what you did wrong, evaluate if others made mistakes, and identify what you can improve. It is 100 times better when you climb back.”

Bernardeschi had a strong 2021 thanks to the victories with Italy and Juventus: “Winning Euro 2020 closed a circle and allowed him to fully get back on track. It was a great year, also considering the Coppa Italia and the Supercoppa. Plus, I got married, and my daughter was born. Looking at those five things, I have nothing to complain about. I learned to love hardships. I would say it was the year of balance for me.”