Bologna Exec Clarifies on Zirkzee and Thiago Motta

Bologna director Marco Di Vaio has revealed that they are free to set any price tag for Joshua Zirkzee and that they won’t entertain his departure in January. He spoke with La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“We haven’t received any phone call for him. In any case, we wouldn’t even listen. He’s a no.9 and a half and isn’t similar to any other player. He’s unique. The release clause? It’s valid only for Bayern Munich and it’s structured. We can determine the valuation for other clubs. Our top players won’t move in January. That’s the case also for Jesper Karlsson.”

Bologna could make a pair of additions in January.

“Santiago Castro? We scouted him, and he proved his worth. At this stage, signing a regista isn’t a priority, but the transfer market is unpredictable.”

Di Vaio dished on Thiago Motta.

“We know what he wants and his ideas and involve him in every choice. Now it’s the time to cultivate what we are experiencing and maintain it. A future with him could be birthed by our present path. The higher Bologna finish, the better chances we’ll have. We’d like to have him long-term.”

“We don’t fear that a big team might come and get him. We’re happy for what we’re managing to do and couldn’t accomplish in the past. He can grow and carry on his football here. I think it’s an important foundation for a capable young coach. Qualifying for Europe could help us continue together.”

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