Bonucci Attacks Juventus: “They Said False Things”

Leonardo Bonucci opened up about his messy exit from Juventus, openly criticizing Massimiliano Allegri and the management for how they handled it. He recently sued the team for damages. He spoke to SportMediaset.

“I’ve heard and read things that aren’t true from the club and the coach. It’s false that they told me they wanted to conclude our relationship back in October and February. In March, the manager relayed that he believed I should retire and start coaching. I respected his opinion but wanted to keep going until Euro 2024. In May, I said I was willing to be the fifth or sixth defensive choice and a mentor.”

Bonucci claims that he was adequately informed only deep into the summer.

“I had sensed something through the papers until Cristiano Giuntoli and Giovanni Manna showed up at my house and told me I would no longer be part of the squad on July 13th. They stated that my presence would have hindered the growth of the team. That’s how they humiliated me after 500-plus matches. I appreciated the solidarity shown by many players, even current ones, and other clubs. They all voiced their support after this disrespectful behavior by the outfit.”

Bonucci didn’t mention Allegri but clearly blames him.

“It’s the second time I’m pushed out because of the stance of one man, which isn’t me. I never had an ideal rapport with the gaffer. It wasn’t entirely my fault. I’ll be back on the bench one day.”

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