Calhanoglu Takes a Shot at Milan After Supercoppa Win

Hakan Calhanoglu didn’t mince words after beating his former team Milan in the Supercoppa speaking to SportMediaset.

“It’s a very important victory, even more so for me. I’m happy and I thank my teammates and the fans that came here. We won three-nil, and there’s nothing to add. We were hungry. They must respect us now. We sent them packing quickly. We devoured them.”

The midfielder was quizzed about whether this was revenge for the Rossoneri’s colorful Scudetto celebrations.

“I prefer not saying anything, but it was tough for me to see things I didn’t expect. Everything comes back at you through karma.”

“We believe in staging a comeback in Serie A. We started the year well by defeating Napoli, then we tied with Monza, which nobody expected, and picked up two more victories, over Verona and today. If we keep winning, the rest will come naturally.”

Alessandro Bastoni had some words along the same line as Calhanoglu to the club’s TV (via Sportitalia).

“We were eager to prevail after their jeers at the end of last season and wanted to prove that we were still stronger than them, and we did. We had a score to settle. Today’s match was a final, on top of a Derby, so it was doubly important. That being said, we played really well, and we’re happy.”

Coach Simone Inzaghi was equally joyous.

“It’s pleasing to win in this fashion against a worthy opponent. We celebrate today, then we’ll think about the next matches. I thank the management, our families, and those that were with us last season and allowed us to be here. I’m super proud. It’s rare to play such a meaningful Derby.”

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