Cuadrado the Closest to Getting Extension from Juventus

Juan Cuadrado is one of the many Juventus players on an expiring contract. Differently from other cases, the negotiation between the parties is going smoothly. They are set to finalize the agreement sooner rather than later.

According to, the Colombian international will continue to earn €5M wages after the extension. The management and his entourage are discussing the length of the new deal. He could get a seasonal contract with an option, or directly a two-year one. A lengthier pact is unlikely, even though it was the original request by the agents.

Cuadrado talked about his Juventus future in an interview with DAZN: “I am very serene on that front, and we are working on it. I hope to stay here because my family and I are very comfortable in Turin.”

The wing-back dished on his style: “I have been practicing my dribbling skills since I was a kid in Colombia. One of my first coaches insisted a lot of it, and I have kept doing it. I am trying to play more simply now because Massimiliano Allegri is very demanding on that. He asked me to take opponents on just in key moments.”

“I think that subbing in and deciding a match late as it happened against Fiorentina is one of the best possible feelings. We hope to be that lucky again. It is a matter of sensation. I was eager to enter, and I was constantly watching how much time was left. I was confident I could help the team.”