Juventus Diclose Balance Sheet for First Half of the Season

Juventus announced more big losses while divulging the balance sheet for the first half of 2021-2022. The team was in the red for €119M, €6M more than the same period of the previous season. The TV revenue dipped because of the different schedules. A significant chunk of the past campaign was played in the summer following the stoppage.

The Bianconeri expect to close the session with similar numbers and the financial situation to improve significantly in the second half of 2022. The board of directors estimated that the COVID-19 pandemic caused a €40M decrease in revenue in the last six months of 2021.

The payroll went from €183 to €168M, largely because of the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo. Juventus aim to keep the wages in check to help the balance sheet, La Repubblica informs. Therefore, the pending extensions of Paulo Dybala, Federico Bernardeschi, Mattia Perin and Mattia De Sciglio will be challenging.

Ownership poured €400M with the most capital increase, which offset the losses. The cash infusion increased the shareholders’ equity from €28.4M to €303.4M. Instead, the net financial debt went down from €389,2M to €78.6M.

Juventus spent €115M for the transfer market during such span. They invested most of their budget for the summer of 2022 to acquire Dusan Vlahovic in January. After the controversies and the inquiries, the Bianconeri stopped relying on plusvalenze. They registered just €900k capital gains for their most recent moves. As for the investigations and their potential outcome, the executives reiterated that they operated lawfully.