De Ketelaere on His Rejuvenation at Atalanta and Milan

Charles De Ketelaere has bounced back at Atalanta following a rough season at Milan. He joined La Dea on loan and hit his stride in a different role. He spoke about it and more to La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I play as a nine-and-a-half now, which I like a lot. I try always to stay even-keeled. If I don’t smile a lot, it’s simply because I’m focused. I’d be lying if I said that I never doubted myself during the toughest moments. The hard work helps you avoid losing self-confidence.”

De Ketelaere dished on his turnaround.

“There wasn’t just one magic moment, but when you feel better and gel with your teammates, you manage to string together good games. I’m proud and faithful for myself and the team. We’re in the running in every competition. Playing here is demanding but very fun. I’m aware they have been waiting for a trophy for 60 years. It’d be beautiful to be part of the team that brings one to Bergamo.”

De Ketelaere alluded he would have stayed at Milan if he hadn’t moved to Atalanta.

“It wasn’t an easy choice. I have always liked their style. There were other options too, but I never considered them. It was either or. I didn’t think “You didn’t understand me,” when we beat them twice, but I was happier than after other wins. The future? It’s still early and won’t depend on me. I have to focus on what I can control. I’m happy here.”

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