De Laurentis Talks Transfers, Garcia, and Super League

Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis spoke candidly about their transfer market plans and Rudi Garcia and shared his thoughts about the European Court’s sentence about the UEFA and FIFA monopoly with Corriere dello Sport.

“We’ll make at least three signings. We need to bolster the defense with a center-back and a right-back, and then acquire a midfielder, maybe two. Elijf Elmas has already been sold. He would like to play all the time, but he hasn’t realized that one could be a starter even if he’s always not on the pitch for 90 minutes.”

De Laurentiis stated that he regretted hiring Rudi Garcia instantly.

“I should have fired him after his presentation. He said he didn’t know Napoli and hadn’t watched one of our games. I should have figured it out then, but I thought he was a joke. But he repeated it afterward. He should have replicated Luciano Spalletti’s football. Instead, he made me fire a perfect athletic trainer for somebody who stressed our players.”

De Laurentiis welcomed the ruling, as he has always been critical of the current cups.

“We should create a Serie E, which means elite, with only the teams from cities with a large fan bases. There shouldn’t be promotions and relegations, like in the NBA. The governing bodies haven’t understood that football is a business and needs growing revenues. The Super League was wrong but brought change. I spoke with Florentino Perez, and we agreed to start talking with real entrepreneurs.”

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