Douglas Costa Passionate About Coming Back to Juventus

Douglas Costa is openly campaigning for his Juventus return as he’s seeking a new team after the end of his spell with the Los Angeles Galaxy. He spoke to Tuttomercatoweb.

“My experience in America was incredible. It’s a very competitive league that grows every year. I’ll surely treasure the nice moments I’ve had in the United States and especially the love the fans.”

Douglas Costa addressed the Juventus links.

“No player in the world can refuse them. It’s the club of my heart, I love it, and I would never reject its call. The thing I wish for the most is to fight for their return to the glory days because I know it’s possible along with their supporters. They must be at the top at all times.”

Douglas Costa is keen even though Juventus have fallen from grace in recent years.

“I’d accept anyway, should they make an offer, because of the challenge of bringing one of the best teams in the world back where it belongs. When they reach out to you, you don’t need to think much about it. You just have to accept as quickly as possible. Wearing those colors means to spill blood in every practice and game. They are a family and a team of warriors built to be the champion every year.”

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