Former Juventus Brass Formally Bid Farewell to the Team

Andrea Agnelli and Pavel Nedved participated in their final meeting of the board before leaving Juventus. The legend took the floor first (via Tuttomercatoweb).

“I’ve joined as a young player and I’m a middle-aged executive now. Every moment of my Bianconeri life deserves gratitude. This is not only one of the best clubs in the world, but also a family. It’s an honor to represents it. I had just retired when they asked me to join the management. The first few years where like a big school for me. Then I became vice-president and was very proud of it. I never lacked passion.”

The former Juventus president had some parting shots.

“Football is part of the entertainment business, and the main sporting activity. I strived to find solutions for our industry given our enormous fan base. The figures of the Chelsea, Milan, and Newcastle takeovers, and who invested in them, must make us reflect. Many don’t understand the difference between game and business.”

“European football needs reforms, or the Premier League will attract all the best talent and marginalize other championships. It’s clear that some don’t want change to maintain their position of privilege. I wish the European Court of Justice recognized professional sports as a business. I thank Barcelona and Real Madrid that battled UEFA’s threats along with Juventus.”

“We invested €400M in real estate over the years, considering the Stadium, the museum, and the training center. We created the logo, which gave us a new global dimension. Our results are a big source of pride. If we persevered, half of the squad might come from youth academy and the Next Gen team in five-to-eight years, with obvious benefits.”

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