Former Lazio Director Dishes on His Debated Departure

Igli Tare looked at his farewell from Lazio, addressing the chatter surrounding it. The former director stated that it didn’t happen out of the blue in an interview with Corriere dello Sport.

“It doesn’t matter whether it was my choice or Claudio Lotito’s. They said he kicked me out, but they are all lies. I made the call, and the president rubber-stamped it. He was fine with switching things up, changing his interlocutor, and trying something different. I had already informed him before the start of the season. I just asked to exit with honor and dignity, and that’s what occurred.”

Tarri dismissed the rumors about a prolonged feud with Maurizio Sarri that eventually pushed him out.

“It couldn’t be furthest from the truth. The coach was never a problem but rather a solution. His character was nothing new. I had collected information before hiring him, I was aware of it and still wanted him to manage Lazio. He came to me to have a chat before the penultimate game versus Empoli, and we spent three or four hours together. He talked highly of me from the heart, recognizing my merits.”

Tare heaped praise on Ciro Immobile.

“He’s the greatest scorer in the history of the club. His humility is his strength and weakness simultaneously. He needs to perceive the trust of those surrounding him daily. It’s a heavy role. I’ve infinite esteem toward him. His honesty will let him know when it’ll be time to retire.”

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