Immobile Clarifies Comments About His Lazio Future

Ciro Immobile tried to clear the air after creating a stir with his previous remarks about Lazio and some of their fans, which had a hint of regret for not transferring to Saudi Arabia last summer. The striker spoke with Mediaset (via Calciomercato).

“Lazio are and will always be in my heart. I’m the captain, and we have achieved many beautiful things together. A recent interview of mine was published, but when your words are transcribed, they are different than when you talk on video, where you can see the image, the expression, and the true message you want to convey.”

“I was wrong in giving too much importance to a few people rather than listening to all the persons that love me and that never considered betraying me, and viceversa. I would never say I want to leave to the press. It’s not my style.”

Immobile was quizzed about a potential future in Saudi Arabia.

“I have a lot more to give to Lazio and the people who love me.”

Immobile said to be in good health after missing one game and international duties.

“The injury is in the past. I was sorry for missing meaningful matches with Lazio and the national team. Our goal is to qualify for Euro 2024. We will do our best to do so. Seeing myself with these two jerseys is always thrilling.”

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