Gasperini on Past Interest from Azzurri and Juventus

Gian Piero Gasperini has completely repaired his relationship with Atalanta after a pair of dicey summers and is in for the long haul, as he told RDS Radio Serie A (via OneFootball).

“My story with them is wonderful. I hope it’ll last a while longer. That was my initial wish considering the great results. I’m among the longest-tenured gaffers in Italy. I was helped by a well-established working environment.”

“It’s not all roses all the time, but there’s always complete respect between the management and me. Very few have been here since the beginning. I’ll be forever grateful regardless of what happens. If I ever left, I wouldn’t stop coaching but look for new solutions to do it as long as possible.”

Gasperini disclosed he could have joined either Italy or Juventus in the past.

“Marcello Lippi reached out to me, but then they hired Gian Piero Ventura. It’s hard to manage a national team nowadays. I think I fit a club better. Instead, the Bianconeri inquired while I was at Genoa, but there was never a direct contact. I’ve always been tied to Atalanta afterward, where I’m very comfortable.”

Gasperini addressed the criticism of his ‘dictatorial’ style.

“It was something very mediatic, and things were reported incorrectly. Communication is very lacking in general. From the social platforms to TV, there’s a lot of noise and very little substance. I’d be content with intellectual honesty.”

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