Inter CEO Marotta Denies Rumors of an Imminent Arab Takeover

After acquiring Newcastle, the Public Investment Fund has been heavily rumored to have set their eyes on Inter. CEO Giuseppe Marotta addressed the matter before the clash with Juventus, indicating that an ownership change does not appear to be in the cards at the moment.

The executive spoke to DAZN: “I am not a shareholder, but I talked with president Steven Zhang in recent days. He reassured me that he would stay. There are no solid elements about the interest of the fund. However, it is something that is more linked to ownership. I take care of the day-to-day operations with my colleagues, and we try to do it in the best possible way.”

Marotta was coy on whether Inter will look for reinforcements in January. Instead, he praised the work of the management in the previous window and throughout the economic tribulations: “I would like to underline that this is a group effort, with the help of directors Piero Ausilio, Dario Baccin and all the members of the front office. We needed to secure the club from a financial standpoint, and we had to sell some important assets. However, we used our creativity afterward, and we were able to replace them appropriately. Football is a team sport, and so we have to valorize and consolidate this concept.”

The Suning conglomerate has never signaled the intention of selling Inter up to this point, despite the issues in the past two years. They previously turned down an €800M offer coming from BC Partners.