Juventus and Star Winger on Polar Terms About Renewal

Juventus and Federico Chiesa aren’t on the same page concerning his contract extension, and the prospect of a summer departure is gaining traction. The winger expects a pay bump, while the team is tipped to offer a two-year deal at a lower salary than his current €5M annual one, Corriere dello Sport informed.

The Bianconeri are unlikely to take the matter into next season and risk a Bosman departure in 2025. The matter will be more concretely addressed after the end of the Euro.

Chiesa signed a five-year deal upon joining Juventus from Fiorentina in 2020, technically on a two-year loan spell with an obligation to buy. The total fee amounted to slightly more than €55M. Considering the amortization, the club would register a relevant ‘plusvalenza’ even if the fee wasn’t that lofty. It’d be €10M if he left for €25M.

Roma and Napoli have shown interest in the winger, along with a few foreign teams. In addition, he might not be the best fit in Thiago Motta’s 4-2-3-1.

Our Take on Chiesa and Juventus

It’s still a little early, but it’s surely a thorny situation. He’d potentially be a bargain for other Serie A sides, but his wages would be a problem for them too. Instead, tactically speaking, while Motta likes all-around players, it shouldn’t be tough to recalibrate how he spends his energy. He even starred as a wingback in the past. The reason for his exit would just be his contract.

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