Juventus Contemplate Temporary Solution on Chiesa Deal

Federico Chiesa has returned to form this season, adapting to his new role more quickly than anticipated, and Juventus have scheduled talks to extend his contract. The matter is somewhat urgent because his current contract expires in 2025. They’d be in a tough spot if he didn’t prolong it before the end of the season.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the parties are mulling a short-term deal to re-assess the situation next summer. They could agree to tack on an extra year, thus removing the looming threat, and confirm his €5M wages.

If Chiesa continued as is, Juventus would be keener on handing him the substantial raise he asks for and commit for the long haul. Otherwise, they’d be in a better position to evaluate the offers for him.

The Bianconeri are set to meet with his agent Fali Ramadani during the Autumn. The former Fiorentina star has bagged four goals in six appearances so far and has been the main driving engine of their offense.

Our Take on Juventus and Chiesa

The solution has its logic, but recent seasons show that only a big injury can slow him down. The Old Lady shouldn’t have reservations about tying themselves down to him for a few more years already. It’d be a welcomed development for them if his camp didn’t use his contract as leverage.

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