Juventus Growing Confident About Di Maria Permanence

Angel Di Maria recently stated that he had yet to discuss an extension with Juventus, but things have started to move behind the scenes. The real negotiation will begin soon, but El Fideo is open to staying for another campaign, La Gazzetta dello Sport informs.

The main factor is that the Argentine didn’t retire from international football after the World Cup and is eyeing the 2024 Copa America. As he openly alluded to, staying in Europe would help him achieve that. In addition, he and his family settled in nicely in Turin.

Juventus might ask Di Maria for a slight pay cut to re-up his one-year contract, but that’s not certain. Even if he maintained his €7M wages, the club would retroactively exploit fiscal advantages for foreigners.

Bianconeri director Francesco Calvo addressed the matter to Sky before the Roma clash.

“He’s surely a technical and locker room leader. We want to keep our most important players, as it happened with Danilo. We are in talks with him without fanfare, and we are confident.”

The executive also spoke about their legal troubles.

“We should point out that none of these leaks has been weighed by a judge. I’m surprised that they get published before the start of the trial, which takes place in the courtrooms and not on the papers.”

Our Take on Juventus and Di Maria

The winger himself likely thought he’d be ready to head back to Rosario Central to put a bow on his magnificent career after the World Cup. However, if he changed his mind as apparent and wants to stay in Europe until Copa America, chances are it’ll be with Juventus barring a catastrophic outcome of their off-the-pitch issues.

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