Juventus to Meet Di Maria Agent, All Set for Pogba Return

The top Juventus director Federico Cherubini will be in London today to attend the Finalissima and will take advantage of the trip to talk with Jorge Mendes, the agent of Angel Di Maria. The Argentinian attacker has signed off on the destination. However, the parties have yet to come to terms on all elements.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the Bianconeri will offer two alternatives. Either a two-year contract with €7M wages, which would allow the club to exploit some fiscal benefits. Or a seasonal deal, but at a lower salary, €5/6M, since they would not save on taxes in such case. El Fideo was making nearly €9M in Paris.

Coach Massimiliano Allegri is pressing the Juventus brass to seal the deal for Di Maria, Corriere della Sera relays. A positive outcome would allow the management to switch their focus to finding a left-winger.

If today’s talks were unproductive, the Bianconeri would move on and pursue different options for the right flank. The veteran would not entirely fall off their radar, though. They could revisit him later on once he has examined proposals by other teams.

While Juventus have some work to do on the Di Maria front, the return of Paul Pogba is imminent. He turned down the latest wealthy offer by PSG, disregarding the advice of his entourage, La Repubblica informs. He has begun transferring his car collection back to his Turin mansion, Corriere dello Sport reports.

Our Take on Juventus Chasing After Di Maria and Pogba

Even though they are not ideal additions for a team that had decided to go young, the opportunity to onboard them without paying a fee is juicy. There are too many holes in their XI to address them all with expensive purchases. Plus, they would suit the coach’s style.