Juventus Kickstart Negotiation to Renew Chiesa Contract

Juventus met with Fali Ramadani, the agent of Federico Chiesa, on Thursday to begin discussing his contract extension. After some rumors at the beginning of the summer, the winger and the Bianconeri seem destined to stick together for a few more years, Goal informs.

More summits will be necessary, but the two parties are on the same page. The current deal of the attacker expires in 2025. Therefore, the Old Lady aims to come to terms before next summer, or the situation will get a little eerie.

The early conversations between Juventus and the Chiesa camp suggest that a two-year renewal, with the new pact lasting until 2027, could be in the cards. The winger currently makes €5M annually. There was some tension early on because his entourage believed he was due to become the highest-paid player in the squad due to a gentleman agreement with the previous management.

Dusan Vlahovic and Adrien Rabiot are the top earners and bring in €7M annually. Paul Pogba’s salary is €8M, but he’s in a peculiar spot thanks to the Decreto Crescita, which allows the team to save on taxes, reducing the gross sum. It has been frozen following the provisional suspension for doping.

Our Take on Chiesa and Juventus

The Bianconeri have some leeway to raise his pay a little before reaching their cap. If the will is mutual, there shouldn’t be major issues, especially if he continues to perform as he has done at the start of the season.

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