Juventus Might Turn to Caretaker Manager After Firing

Andrea Agnelli publicly postponed the assessment of Massimiliano Allegri to the end of the season, but in reality, the reckoning will inevitably come much sooner. If Juventus don’t right the ship in the next few matches and get closer to the Champions League zone in Serie A, the management would have no alternative to pulling the plug in November, La Gazzetta dello Sport informs.

The gaffer is under contract until 2025, and he has one of the highest salaries in the Peninsula. Firing him would be highly inconvenient from a financial standpoint. When it happened two years ago, he and the team didn’t agree to a severance package. He didn’t take other jobs and stayed on the payroll. While hurtful, it would still be better than wasting an entire season.

The economic aspects could impact the choice of the prospective new coach. Mauricio Pochettino and Thomas Tuchel have fans within the brass, but they might go with a caretaker manager to have more options come next summer. If he could, Agnelli would have hired Zinedine Zidane instead of bringing back Allegri. But he’s waiting for the France job to open up, which will likely happen after the World Cup.

Primavera coach and club legend Paolo Montero, veteran Claudio Ranieri, and Paulo Sousa would be among the top candidates to take over to complete the campaign.

Our Take Allegri, Agnelli, and Juventus

They are bleeding money left and right, and a few more millions aren’t an excuse to maintain the putrid status quo. If the president has an inkling he can get really get Antonio Conte, then he would be worth the wait; otherwise, it would be better to go with a top manager right away.

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