Juventus Not Concerned with Ronaldo Monetary Request

Cristiano Ronaldo has asked his lawyers to recoup €19M he believes Juventus owe him through the CONI’s College of Arbitration. The body settles disparate between players and clubs. The controversy stems from the shady moves by the Bianconeri on wages during the pandemic. They eventually plea-bargained a fine with the Federation. It spared them a second point deduction.

According to SportMediaset, the Old Lady isn’t particularly worried. The local DA and Consob, the regulatory body for the Italian Stock Exchange, found evidence that they complied with the side letters with footballers. They initially gave up four monthly wages and then got three back. The whole operation led to the investigation and the sanction on the sports side.

On the other hand, Ronaldo didn’t put pen to paper, even though some Juventus execs and captain Giorgio Chiellini mentioned him in some phone calls.

In addition, the Portuguese ace reportedly signed a document certifying there weren’t outstanding sums when he left Turin to return to Manchester United. The Red Devils reportedly got him for a low price because they contributed, although it wasn’t confirmed. Moreover, previous agreements likely ceased to be valid once he fled England to head to Saudi Arabia.

Instead, unlike with Ronaldo, Juventus have concurred to €3.5M compensation for Paulo Dybala to avoid a lawsuit. In his case, the issues derived from the negotiation to extend his contract rather than the ‘manovra stipendi.’

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