Juventus Prepare Rebuttals, Soft-Pedal UEFA Ban Buzz

Juventus will file their defense against further charges that could lead to a new sports trial Wednesday, although the notion of a plea bargain is gaining steam. In the meantime, the team’s lawyer will respond to the accusations by federal prosecutor Giuseppe Chinè on the delayed wages and dubious partnerships.

Per TuttoSport, the club is leaning on multiple strategies. Regarding the salaries, they claim that the side letters weren’t legally binding but simple reminders. In addition, they had stated that they would have settled the sums the players initially forfeited had Serie A resumed after the pandemic-caused stoppage.

In addition, Juventus look to downsize the charges, which currently fall under the wide umbrella of disloyalty to more technical ones that wouldn’t lead to another point deduction. The prosecutor has two weeks to examine the reply and decide whether to file the inquiry away, defer the club, or eventually propose a plea bargain if the side wants. It could happen also at a later time but with an inferior reduction of the proposed penalty. The judge would have to greenlight the agreement between the parties.

Juventus chief football officer Francesco Calvo addressed a possible ban from the UEFA competitions before the game versus Inter (via La Gazzetta dello Sport).

“We have no formal news about that. They were rumors, but a newspaper treated them as full-fledged sentences. The club is solid, which allows us to plan for the future based on the outcome of the season. It’s always possible to improve the squad. Playing in the cups or not clearly makes a difference, though, also in terms of roster depth.”

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