Juventus to Try to Plea Bargain Second Sports Sanction

Juventus will attempt to put an end to his legal troubles in short order to avoid the matter from impacting the summer or potentially next season. The club asked to move up the hearing on ulterior charges, mostly related to suspect maneuvering on wages, originally scheduled for June 15th. The move hints that they have struck a deal with prosecutor Giuseppe Chinè.

Per Corriere della Sera, the new ruling should arrive Tuesday. The turn of events should lead either to a huge fine or a minor one combined with a small point deduction that would remove the Old Lady from Europa League contention heading into the final Serie A round. They are currently 7th within striking distance of Atalanta and Roma.

In the management’s plans, the punishment would still allow Juventus to qualify for the European Conference League. That would soften the blow of a possible UEFA ban. It would be a small sacrifice and wouldn’t ruin ensuing campaigns.

The plea bargain between the club’s lawyers and the prosecutor will have to be greenlighted by the Federal Court. Otherwise, the trial will start right away. An agreement automatically lowers the sanction by one-third. However, its amount in normal circumstances is unknown.

Juventus would renounce the possibility of appealing against any decision with such a gambit. Their chief football officer Francesco Calvo alluded that they would not argue the first point deduction in front of CONI’s ColleCONI’sGuarantee again, even though they technically could, calling it “definitive” before the recent Milan clash.

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