Lawyers of Fagioli Comments on His Legal Troubles

The lawyers of Nicolò Fagioli, who’s under investigation for using illegal gambling sites, relayed that he self-reported. They issued a statement to ANSA.

“As it pertains to the recent news, our client is tackling the matter with responsibility and the intent of maximum transparency and collaboration with the judicial and sports authorities. He acted first and quickly toward the federal prosecutor. He’s serene and supremely concentrated on Juventus and Serie A.”

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Fagioli was found to be a client of some illicit sportsbooks the local DA’s office started looking into a few months ago. He’s not one of the organizers, so he doesn’t risk much from the legal standpoint.

On the other hand, footballers can’t bet on their sport. The punishment is a ban of upwards of three years. The federal prosecutor has already interrogated him. He’s examining the documents and the amount and type of bets. It shouldn’t take much longer before the probe ends. The ramifications for Juventus are mild. However, other players could face discipline if they were aware of the infraction and didn’t report it.

The strategy of the Fagioli camp is clear and aims at reducing the sanction by collaborating. Gambling is legal in Italy, provided it’s done on sites and shops with a proper license. However, the bylaws prohibit players, execs, and coaches from betting on official FIGC, FIFA, or UEFA matches even through legit channels.

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  1. Fix your league table to the right. As much as you hate Juve and don’t want to see them succeed and be 3rd currently, Juve are due to a better goal difference since no head-to-head vs Fiorentina is available.

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