Lazio Patron Upbeat About Club Growth Over the Years

Lazio turned their early fortunes around by upsetting Napoli after two losses, which has president Claudio Lotito in a good mood. The chairman is highly satisfied with how their summer has gone. He spoke to Radio Roma Sound (via Corriere dello Sport).

“The technical and economic elements are separate. I don’t think money is enough to assemble a great team. As they say, they aren’t everything but help you live better. We need funds to buy players, but we also had to make some choices that will pay off in my opinion.”

Lotito took a veiled shot at Juventus, from which they purchased Nicolò Rovella and Luca Pellegrini.

“The thing that makes me the most proud is that we are no longer a launching pad but an arrival point. We are credible at every level, also internationally. We are considered and respected. Our players used to get poached. Instead, we were able to sign somebody from the big teams that raided us in the past. This means that our project is taking shape.”

Lotito refused to set the goals for the season.

“I love to say that I don’t sell dreams but solid realities. I don’t go on the pitch, but I think I put the club in a position to be competitive. Then, it’s up to the players to do the rest. I hope they can fulfill their potential and measure up.”

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