Lukaku Injury Woes Might Impact Inter Offensive Plans

Edin Dzeko has been the main beneficiary of the extended absence of Romelu Lukaku, as the veteran striker has featured way more than expected. His contract runs out in June. An extension seemed a long shot in the summer, but things might have changed.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the 36-year-old has long been fascinated by the idea of finishing his career in the United States. That was his plan after completing his original two-season contract with the Nerazzurri. Though, the opportunity to continue having a meaningful role at a top club could easily delay it.

The biggest obstacle in the talks will be the wages, as Dzeko currently earns €6.5M annually, on a par with the highest-paid players on the Inter squad. On the other hand, if he agreed to slice them in half, the club would be more than happy to keep him around. The decision will come late in the spring after assessing how he has held up from a physical standpoint.

The precarious health of Lukaku will also be a factor. La Beneamata is fully expected to extend his loan spell, but they are now wondering about its cost. They will spend €22M, between the fee and his salary, for this season. Considering the time he missed, they have paid €46k per each minute he’s been on the pitch. Bringing him back will be equally, or more, expensive.

Our Take on Inter and Dzeko

The Nerazzurri would be hard-pressed to find a better backup for the Belgian star, but there’s a long way to go before the summer. A lot will hinge on how the teammate looks in the second half of the campaign.

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