Inter Curva Nord Gives Returning Lukaku Cold Shoulder

The Curva Nord did not wait for Inter to wait to finalize the formalities for the reunion with Romelu Lukaku, revealing their less-than-enthusiastic stance on the striker. They had previously heavily criticized him for forcing his way to Chelsea.

The fans released a statement on Instagram.

“We have to clarify a few things considering that Lukaku’s return is very probable at this point. Curva Nord supports Inter and will never stage a protest against the player despite the way he behaved last summer. That being said, nobody should go welcome him donning our scarves and symbols. He will have to earn anything though humility and sweat on the pitch. He was treated as a king, but he is just another player now.”

“It should also be clear that the Curva Nord will never cheer against Lukaku should he indeed resume wearing the Inter jersey. We wish the other supporters did not to fall into the opposite trap and immediately slobber over him. Besides the emotional instinct, disregarding what happened would only accelerate the long-standing process of making us all stupid and passive consumers. Instead, we must remain heart, soul, grit and Inter fandom.

We are not yes men at the mercy of players and the club. He betrayed us last season and we took it very badly. You may be able forget these things over time, but they stick. Romelu should start working hard. We are confident over the future we are building alongside whoever will be part of the Nerazzurri family.”