Lukaku Sure About His Future Amid Milan and Napoli Buzz

Romelu Lukaku has clear ideas about where he’ll play next even though no team seems particularly close to agreeing to a deal with Chelsea at the moment. He talked with Het Laatse Nieuews from the Belgian set-up ahead of Euro 2024 (via Calciomercato).

He revisited last summer’s offer from Saudi Arabia.

“Those were two intense weeks. I went back and forth for two days. Everybody went there afterward. I was a little scared. The level of the league can only increase. It’ll get much higher than people think. More and more footballers will join, also for the way they live the sport. The structures need to improve, but every top club knows it is coming. It happened in boxing, Formula One, and golf. Moving there wouldn’t stop me.”

Lukaku will finish his career at Anderlecht.

“It will happen a lot sooner than everybody believes. I left Belgium when I was 18, and I miss my mother and my kids.”

The striker is being courted by Milan and Napoli in particular.

“In my mind, I already know what will happen. I’ve figured it out already. Many people like to talk because I don’t have an official agent. It’s up to me to decide and I am fully in control of the situation. Everybody will agree with me once I explain my choice. Every time I transferred, it turned out to be the right choice due to a few factors.”

Lukaku dropped a big hint replying to a question about who’s the best coach he’s had.

Antonio Conte.”

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