Maldini Urges Milan to Dare to Dream in Champions League

Paolo Maldini is confident in Milan’s chances in the Champions League despite the challenges ahead. The director chatted with some Ukrainian fans ahead of the first leg versus Napoli (via SportMediaset).

“It won’t be easy, but I think the history of the club allows up to believe. It already happened in the past. When you get to March and April and the final stages of this competition, you can turn your season into something incredible. We have this opportunity and want to take advantage of it.”

“We like to dream and we would have won the Champions League fewer times if we didn’t. There are some dreamers in the current squad as well. It’s good to have a mix of those and realists. I used to be that when I was a player.  I continue to do so since my life has been a dream, especially here at Milan.”

Maldini revealed that he talked with Carlo Ancelotti because the Champions League will be held in Istanbul, where the Rossoneri let the trophy slip through their fingers against Liverpool in 2005.

“The problem is that he has an outstanding beef with that city like we do. He told me: ‘We will meet there, right?”

Maldini hailed Andriy Shevchenko speaking with his compatriots:

“He wasn’t just one the best teammates I ever had, but also a true friend for me and my family. We spent a lot time together, also on vacation. I had some important moments with him in Kyiv. I went there for the 2018 final between Real Madrid and Liverpool too.”

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