Massimo Moratti: “Inter is Totally Different from Real Madrid”

Former Inter chief Massimo Moratti has heaped praise on current coach Simone Inzaghi, hailing his achievement of avenging the famous Euroderby defeat in 2003. Moratti expressed his admiration for Inzaghi’s managerial prowess, and revealed his joy at Inter’s first Champions League final in over a decade.

Speaking to Tuttomercatoweb in an exclusive interview, Moratti commented on the Nerazzurri’s exploits this campaign.

“The same thing was up for grabs back in 2003, and it went bad for us back then. This time it went well, actually. I would say very well, in the sense that there were no doubts about who should go to the final,” before adding: “It’s a great satisfaction, an immense joy to see the fans so happy, and in any case, being among the top two teams in Europe is a wonderful thing. Being able to participate in the final makes us very proud.”

He further exalted Inzaghi, claiming to have erased all doubts about the manager due to his efficiency in knockout fixtures.

“I have to say that if one looks at his progress in the league, he can only be disappointed by the 11 defeats, which I myself, very honestly, was against Inzaghi. But if you then go and see what he did in the cups, it’s miraculous, he’s very good The team not only played well, but with the right character and attitude to reach the final. Congratulations, I withdraw all those doubts about him”.

Finally, Moratti had his say regarding Inter’s foes on June 10 and to-be Premier League champions Manchester City.

“I don’t know. I know about finals and I know above all about the fact that you have to be superstitious until the end. Inter are fast in the game, this is a totally different game from Real Madrid, so you can’t make comparisons, but the Nerazzurri are surprising. They play in depth and quite frankly they can really annoy Manchester City, who remain very strong.”

Inzaghi’s achievements have cemented his place among the club’s icons despite his inability to win the Serie A. Nonetheless, his success in avenging the past EuroDerby defeat has undoubtedly left a lasting impression on the Nerazzurri faithful.

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