Milan and Inter in Lockstep on Changing Plan for New Stadium

Milan and Inter are in a hurry to get things started on the new stadium and corroborated the notion that they are willing to build it outside of the city and not in San Siro. The Rossoneri president Paolo Scaroni weighed in: “I expected a quicker process considering where we are. The project involves everybody, not just the teams and the fans. Unfortunately, the red tape does not facilitate things in Italy.”

The exec talked to Radio 24: “Milan and Inter share the same vision on the stadium because they are equally ambitious. It is a key ingredient to being successful. Incredibly, such a modern city does not have an adequate arena. The venture has not been properly embraced, and so we are evaluating the alternatives. We will choose the one with the quickest timetable.”

The Nerazzurri CEO Alessandro Antonello commented: “We began with plenty of enthusiasm, but we have realized that the Italian system does not help build infrastructures, especially sports ones. We clamored for a new law on the matter, but there were delays after delays. As every entrepreneur, we are looking for certainties. We want to follow the rules, but it is tough for investors to accept this murky situation. We are still waiting for the final approval, and the blueprints still have to be debated publicly for a matter of transparency.”

“It has taken too long at this point. Inter and Milan put together the plan three years ago, and the stadium would have already been built in different countries. We are mulling our options. The goal is to have it ready as fast as possible, so we could indeed move out of town. We will decide when we will have examined all the elements.”